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H2O Water Dispenser Model 628T Table Top
H2O Water Dispenser Model 628T Table Top

Water Dispenser Model 628T Table Top

Product Description
  • Double secure prevents from overheat or dry-heat.(by sensor and thermostat).
  • Double secure against water overflow.(by sensor and floating valve).
  • Automatic control for purified water refill.
  • Each hot and chilled water has its own individual tank.
  • Leaking Detection: This machine is equiped with a leakage detection device, when leaking is detected the water supply will shut down automatically.
  • Hot water tap with safety device.
  • This product consists of heat sinking plane, hot water cork, cold water cork, hot switch, cold switch.
Product Specification
Function Cold and hot water purifier
Power Consumption Cold: 100W
Hot: 450W
Voltage 100V - 127V/ 50 - 60Hz
Water supply Cold: 7.2 liter/ hour
Hot: 2 liter/ hour
Temperature Cold: 4℃ - 12℃
Hot: 80℃ - 90℃
Water temperature control Thermostat
Cooling system Forced cooling system
Operation System Bottle Type System/ Direct Pipe System
Lifespan of filter First Stage
PP Sediment
(3-4 months)

Second Stage
Pre Carbon
(12 months)

Third Stage
Bio Alkaline
(12 months)

Fourth Stage
Silver Carbon
(12 months)

Fifth Stage
UF Membranes
(12 months)


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