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H2O Cafe Filtration System S/S 20"
H2O Cafe Filtration System S/S 20"

Cafe Filtration System S/S 20"

Product Description
Model no. Cafe Filtration System S/S 20"
Type 3-Stage Advanced Technology Filtration System
In / Outlet 1/2"
Dimensions (W) 17" x (h) 29 inches
Ideal for Cafeteria, Restaurant, Kopitiam, Canteen, Hotel, Pub, Hospital, Office, Beauty Centre & Family
Built-In Filters Step 1: 20" Sediment Filter (5 microns)
Extracts larger sediments such as dirt, mud, sand, rust, asbestos etc.

Step 2: 20" CTO Carbon Filter
Removes chlorine, inactive bacteria and heavy metal. Maintain dissolved minerals in water and improve the taste.

Step 3: 20" Sediment Filter (1 micron)
Removes unseen suspended matter and maintain dissolved minerals in water.
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