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H2O 7 Titanium Platinum Plates
H2O 7 Titanium Platinum Plates

7 Titanium Platinum Plates

Product Description

  • Safety protection for water ionizer.
  • Outcase:ABS sliver white UV.
  • Tempered glass,Touch control panel.
  • 4 Alkaline level.2 Acidic level.
  • Automatically completes electrobath cleaning at each time of water supply turned off.
  • Set and prompt to strengthen cleaning according to water quality in different regions.
  • Circuit overcurrent protection devices is set inside.

Product Specification
PH range 3-11
ORP range - 800 to +800
Packing dimensions 330*210*120 mm
Gross weight 5.2Kg
Net weight 3.6Kg
Output water 1-4L/min@1-3Bar
Internal filter service life 4000L
Flow rate 2L/min
TDS 100~150
Water temperature 20~25℃
pH (7±0.5)
Lifespan of filter

First stage PP Sediment 3-4 months
Second stage Pre Carbon 12 months
Third Stage Post Carbon 12 months
Forth Stage Silver Carbon 12 months
Fifth Stage UF Membranes 12 months

Testing Condition

pH value Rated power Allowed continuous electrolysis
Cooking 10.5 120W ≤30min
Make tea and neutralize liquor 9.5 80W ≤30min
Daily drinking 8.5 30W ≤60min
Initial drinking 8 25W ≤60min
Cosmetic 6.5 55W ≤60min
Cleaning 5.5 120W ≤30min

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