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H2O is a one-stop specialist in water filtration system. We have 10 years experience in supply, repair, installation of water filtration system. We specialized in sales & services of various types of home, office, industrial, restaurant use water filters and water dispenser.
Our products type include outdoor filter, indoor filter, energy water system, R.O water system, alkaline ionizer water filter, ionizer water dispenser, floor standing water dispenser, water filter spare parts, and etc. Our products are import from USA, Australia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Germany and etc. We provide onsite service and 2 working days response guarantee.
Our vision is to provide clean and healthy water to everyone. Our professional and friendly staff able to serve you and recommend you water filter system which fit your requirement.
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Water Delivery Johor Bahru (JB)
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Office Water Supply
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 Cafe Water Filter
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 Restaurant Water Filter System
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Factory Water Filter System | Water Supply
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H20 Outdoor Ultimate Membrane
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H2O 9 Titanium Platinum System JAPAN
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H2O Water Dispenser
Model 208 H/W/C
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H2O Outdoor222222
Filter System
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H2O Indoor Water
Dispenser System
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H2O Platinum
Water System
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Water Cooler
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