H2O Sand Filter 1044
H2O Sand Filter 1044


Size: 10 X 44

Product Description

Sand Filter 1044(FRP TANK) 

Product Description
  • H2O Outdoor Filtration System model 1044 (FRP Tank) is used to purified water source from Syarikat Air Johor (SAJ) before entering water tank in residential area
  • It is suitable for big family around four person or above to use
  • Providing annual checking in order to make sure sand filter in great condition when purifying water source
  • Filter exchange (3 years once) for the best filtration effect with a reasonable price is provided
  • Install with high quality pipe and pressure gap meter
  • This sand filter is filled by 10 Micron media sand (Australia Technology)
  • 15 years warranty
Product Specification
Temperature Max: 49°C / 120F
Min: 1°C/ 34F
Pressure Max: 10 Bar / 150 Psi
Vacuum Max: 127 mm Hg / 5” Hg
5 Step Filtration Process Gravel Silica Fine Sand
Coarse Sand
Carbon Sand


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