Water Dispenser 919 H/W/C
Water Dispenser 919 H/W/C

Product Description

Water Dispenser 919 H/W/C

Product Features
  • Double secure prevents overheat or dry-heat.
  • (By sensor and thermostat).Double secure against water overflow.
  • (By sensor and floating valve).Automatic control for a purified water refill.
  • Each hot, ambient and chilled water has its own individual tank.
  • Hot water tap with a safety device.
  • Color: White
  • Re-boil function up to 100 Degree Celsius.
  • Chilled water under 10 degree Celsius.
  • Chilling system by the compressor with R-134a refrigerant.
Product Specification
Heating capacity 5.5L / hour
Hot water temperature 85 °C - 92 °C
Chilling capacity 5.5L / hour
Capacity of each tank Cold tank: 2 Liters
Hot tank: 2 Liters
Room tank: 10 Liters
Reservoir tank 14 Liters
Dimension (mm) 400 (W) x 470 (D) x 520 (H)
Lifespan of filter First Stage
PP Sediment
(3-4 months)

Second Stage
Pre Carbon
(12 months)

Third Stage
Post Carbon
(12 months)

Fourth Stage
Silver Carbon
(12 months)

Fifth Stage
UF Membranes
(12 months)


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