Instant Hot & Warm Water Purifier PTS-100W
Instant Hot & Warm Water Purifier PTS-100W

Product Description


Product Description
  • Instant Hot Water Purifier
  • No Water Tank
  • Hot / Ambient water
  • Electric : DC 220V, 2.4KW
  • Dimension (W x D x H) - 144 x 462 x 355(mm) / 4kg
Water Temperature
  • Purified (Ambient: Tap water)
  • Tepid (40°C)
  • Hot (85~90°C)
Three steps interlocking filtration system
  • Compound (sediment + block carbon)
  • UF Membrane
  • Block Carbon
Compound (Sediment + Block Carbon)
1. Sediment filter: It removes dirt, dust, sand, rust and other solid particles before they reach pre-carbon (or block carbon) filter. It protects the pre-carbon filter from being clogged.

2. Block carbon filter: It made of high purity activated carbon. It removes chemicals, residual chlorine, toxins and unpleasant flavour and odor which are hard to be biodegradable.
UF Membrane Filter
It removes a variety of bacteria, other microscopic impurities and harmful organic chemicals inside water effectively.
Block Carbon Filter
Increase water purity by removing gas and bad odor which remain water.
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