H2O K-850S
H2O K-850S

Product Description


Product Description
Model no. K-2200
Water Tank Capacity Hot: 1.5ℓ
Cold: 4.2ℓ
Power Consumption Hot: 300W
Cold 90W
Water Temperature Hot: 70°C ~ 90°C
Cold: 4°C ~ 12°C
Net Weight 19kg
(W x D x H)
260mm x 495mm x 460mm
Built-In Filters Step 1: 10" Sediment
Step 2: 10" Pre Carbon
Step 3: 10" Silver Carbon
Step 4: 10" Post Carbon
Features Eco Mode System
Automatically power off the heating system at night by the photodetector

Hidden Type replaceable Hygiene Guard
Protect the faucet from bacterial growth. Can be separated, cleaned and replaced

Hot Water Safety Device
Safety device can protect your children from an unexpected accident with hot water
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