Water Cooler A-3000
Water Cooler A-3000

Product Description

Water Cooler A-3000

Product Description
  • If the specifications are different from the actual water dispenser, please base on the actual water dispenser’s specifications.
  • The heating-rod is under 750W.
  • Please use 2.0mm electric cord or thicker standard when you want to link a ground wire.If the electric cord is damaged,
  • It must be renewed by technicians of the manufacturer or service station or a capable person for safety.
  • The compartment of this cooler includes hot faucet, cold faucet, power light, cold spray, hot switch, cold switch, hot controller, cold controller.
  • This cooler made up of full stainless steel material.
Product Specification
Operation system Direct piped-in system
Function Cold and hot
Power Consumption Cold: 210W
Hot: 750W
Voltage 220V - 240V/ 50Hz
Water supply Cold: 8 litre /hour
Hot: 8 litre /hour
Refrigeration Pour R134a
Working Ambient 10-38C
Dimensions 430mm(W) X 320mm(L) X 1050mm(H)
Lifespan of filter First Stage
PP Sediment
(3-4 months)

Second Stage
Pre Carbon
(12 months)

Third Stage
Bio Alkaline
(12 months)

Fourth Stage
Silver Carbon
(12 months)

Fifth Stage
UF Membranes
(12 months)


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